Military Man?

26 10 2012

I have commitment issues. I can hardly convince myself to watch anything over an hour for fear of being tied down to a mediocre experience. There have been times when I got so anxious about choosing an activity for the day, that I wasted the day in indecision.  In fact, I once turned down a job I desperately needed, because I couldn’t agree to a minimum of six-months. So when you speak of a year – my mind is far beyond the clouds looking into deep space and imagining all the possibilities or uncertainties.

And what a year it’s been. I graduated college, got a job in my field, retired from retail, broke my record for staying in one state for more than 4 years, celebrated 1 year of being married to my beautiful wife, and signed a 6 year contract with the Air National Guard. I did what? I promised to love and serve the needs of my wife for a lifetime. Ironically, the ‘ball and chain’ decision was the easiest to commit to. The only hesitation I have ever had to getting married was…dancing. And yes, it was pretty bad, but totally worth everything else! But don’t let that distract you from my other major commitment ‘fluke’.

Far from being a rash or naive decision, this choice has been brewing for years. I grew up in a military family, heard mountains of horror stories from GI’s, even almost ended up at an academy myself. My biggest hang up? You should know it by now, the commitment with all its agonizing years of uncertainty! No joke, it takes a lot of psychological will-power to get past seeing 8 years as my entire lifespan. It wasn’t just the 8 years either. Do I try for Warrant Officer Heli Pilot in Army,  mechanic in Air Force or Army, Air National Guard or Coast Guard,  officer or enlisted, active or reserve? So while it may seem like a sudden decision to you, this choice has been obsessively thought through.

Honestly, I am stoked! I am done with the debating, the craigslisting, the delaying of other decisions as we figure out our current situation. In fact, we are also signing for a new apartment that is bigger, closer to my work, nicer, and almost the same price as our current rent. I will continue to work at the Troutdale airport doing composite work on high performance experimental aircraft. Early next year,  I will be gone for 4 months at Basic Training and then Tech School. I have joined the ANG to work on the F-15 jet engines here at PDX; I will serve a weekend a month and 2 weeks a year. After living for months under the impression that we could be moving out of state really soon, it’s wonderful to settle down. Portland, you have become my home (although Hawaii and Cali could still pose a threat) While six years with the ANG is a long time, it will open up many possibilities in the future. And you can bet that I love options!!!